Thursday, May 15, 2014

NKJV Fire Bible for Kids: Becoming God's Power Kids

I bought this Bible for my 8 year old daughter and she loves it! She is so excited to get her first "study Bible" and this is a great one for children! It is loaded with little sections like "fun facts", "God's Promises", "Power-Packed Words", "Power for Life", "ideas", ect. And the art work is really nice! I would recommend this Bible for any young child!

Product Description:

The Fire Bible for Kids is based on a firm belief that anyone who accepts Christ today can experience the same power of His Holy Spirit that launched the Church in the second chapter of Acts. The power of the Holy Spirit that we read about in the Bible is a blueprint for everyone who follows Jesus. Our goal in creating this Bible is to provide tools that will help you be filled with the presence of God's mighty power in your life.
In addition to the complete Old and New Testaments, this Bible includes many extra features to help you understand God's Word.
  • Over 1,200 study notes
  • 66 book introductions
  • 12 "Power Point" articles on important biblical subjects
  • Table of weights and measures
  • Plan of salvation
  • Verses to help in times of need
  • Over 100 original illustrations
  • Glossary
  • NKJV concordance
  • 8 pages of four-color maps
  • Themefinders® and Themefinders® index
  • Charts:
    • Major miracles of the Old Testament
    • Miracles of Jesus
    • Miracles of the Apostles
  • Presentation page
  • Ribbon marker
  • 8.75" x 5.75" x 1.50"

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Open Bible NKJV

 First of all I want to say I am not reviewing the Bible part, just the extra study parts, as I believe the Bible to be God's perfect work!

This Study Bible is wonderful! I have never had a study Bible before so I personally found this amazing! I really like the "Book Introductions and Outlines" before each book of the Bible. It tells about the book, the author of the book, the time the book was written, how Christ is seen in the book, 'keys" to the book, and a survey of the book.  I found this very interesting, and I learned a lot of things I didn't know.
In the front it has a 300 page Cyclopedia which is wonderfully handy!! In the back it is also filled with much more like "Prophecies Of The Messiah" , "Laws Of The Bible",  "Between the Testaments" and much more.
This is a wonderful Study Bible! There is only one thing I do not like and that is how thin the pages are. I don't know if it is because it is new, but they are hard to turn sometimes.

Publisher's Description

The study Bible that gets you quickly and fully into the Word. Find what you need! The Open Bible, New King James Version is designed for the hungry reader. This Bible is filled with amazing study aids including comprehensive book introductions and outlines, 64-page concordance, Read-Along references and translation notes, and the classic Biblical Cyclopedic Index covering more than 8,000 textual entries. The Open Bible, New King James Version also features a seven-step method on How to Study the Bible, a Visual Survey of the Bible, The Christian's Guide to the New Life, and The Greatest Archaeological Discoveries of the Bible. This outstanding Bible is available in hardcover and bonded leather.

Features include:

  • New King James Version® (NKJV) text
  • Biblical Cyclopedic Index
  • Christian's Guide to the New Life
  • Visual Survey of the Bible
  • Book introductions and outlines
  • Concordance
Part of the Signature Series line of Thomas Nelson Bibles. Open Bibles sold to date: More than 3 million
The New King James Version—More than 60 million copies sold in 30 years

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Roma Downey's Little Angels Bible Storybook

This book is very cute!! My 6 year old daughter Zoe loves it.
 She is also learning to read and we have been reading it together. At 6 years old she can read about half of the words without my help.
This has become my daughter's favorite book and I love the time we have spent together reading it.
I like how this book is laid out, each story is about 4 pages long.  Also each story starts with the title, the reference where the story is located in the Bible, then little sections for each story called "I learned that..." ; "I can....." ;  "I pray..."  followed by a Bible verse (New Living Translation).
There is also a "table of Contents" in the front to easly find the stories you want to read.
The art work is also very beautiful!  They have done a wonderful job on this book and you will not regret buying it!

From the Back Cover:

100 Bible stories for kids who love to discover new things about life, use their imagination, and have fun—all while learning about God’s love.

Roma Downey played an angel on television for almost ten years, and now she brings a special message of God’s love to your little ones with the Little Angels Bible Storybook! Join twins Alex and Zoe, along with their eight little angel friends, as they learn that God is always with them, watching over them, and loving them.

The Little Angels Bible Storybook features
  • 100 exciting Bible stories with sweet illustrations
  • “I learned that . . .” lessons to help kids understand the character of God
  • Simple activities to encourage imagination and challenge children’s cognitive skills
  • Meaningful prayers to inspire kids to build a relationship with God
  • Easy Bible verses to memorize
The Little Angels Bible Storybook helps give children a solid faith foundation while encouraging them to explore the world around them and grow in God’s Word. 

FTC DISCLOSURE: I received this book for free from Tyndale House Publishing in exchange for an honest review. I was not obligated to write a positive review.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Ant and the Contact Lens - Author Unknown

The Ant and the Contact Lens - Author Unknown
Brenda was a young woman who was invited to go rock climbing.
Although she was scared to death, she went with her group to a tremendous granite cliff.
In spite of her fear, she put on the gear, took a hold on the rope, and started up the face of that rock. Well, she got to a ledge where she could take a breather.
 As she was hanging on there, the safety rope snapped against Brenda’s eye and knocked out her contact lens.
Well, here she is on a rock ledge, with hundreds of feet below her and hundreds of feet above her.
Of course, she looked and looked and looked, hoping it had landed on the ledge, but it just wasn’t there.
 Here she was, far from home, her sight now blurry. She was desperate and began to get upset, so she prayed to the Lord to help her to find it.
When she got to the top, a friend examined her eye and her clothing for the lens, but there was no contact lens to be found. She sat down, despondent, with the rest of the party, waiting for the rest of them to make it up the face of the cliff.
She looked out across range after range of mountains, thinking of that Bible verse that says, “The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth.”
She thought, “Lord, You can see all these mountains. You know every stone and leaf, and You know exactly where my contact lens is. Please help me.”
Finally, they walked down the trail to the bottom. At the bottom there was a new party of climbers just starting up the face of the cliff. One of them shouted out, “Hey, you guys! Anybody lose a contact lens?”
Well, that would be startling enough, but you know why the climber saw it? An ant was moving slowly across the face of the rock, carrying it!
Brenda told me that her father is a cartoonist.
When she told him the incredible story of the ant, the prayer, and the contact lens, he drew a picture of an ant lugging that contact lens with the words,
 “Lord, I don’t know why You want me to carry this thing. I can’t eat it, and it’s awfully heavy. But if this is what You want me to do, I’ll carry it for You.”
At the risk of being accused of being fatalistic, I think it would probably do some of us good to occasionally say,
“God, I don’t know why you want me to carry this load. I can see no good in it and it’s awfully heavy. But, if you want me to carry it, I will.”
copied from:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A path Toward Love by Cara Lynn James

This is a wonderful historical fiction book set in 1905, the "Gilded Age". This is the 4th book I have read by Cara Lynn James, and her books are a breath of fresh air!!! I loved it! 
It deals with a lot of struggles in the main character, Katherine's life.  She had eloped when she was 18 with a man she really did not know, and 8 years later finds her a widow.
 I could relate to this book quite a lot! Who among us can look back to one choice we have made that has changed the whole coarse of our lives?  In this book Katherine deals with the consequences of her past choices, and the huge choices she must make for her future.

Cara Lynn James has written yet another wonderful book!!
I look forward to her next novel!
Oh, and the cover is absolutely stunning!!!

Book Description:
Katherine came home to forget her past.
The last thing she expected is a hopeful future.
Young widow Katherine Osborne returns to her family’s rustic camp on Raquette Lake in the Adirondack Mountains. She’s determined to live a quiet life, but her socialite mother is equally determined to push her into a new marriage while she’s still young.
Andrew Townsend has known Katherine since they were children. An attorney who is successful, but not wealthy, he knows she is socially out of his reach. But he’s curious what changed the free-spirited girl he once knew into this private, somber young woman.
Katherine has kept hidden the details of her unsuccessful marriage. When past sins come to light, she must turn to God for the courage to be honest. But how can she trust the God she feels has let her down? When she confides in Andrew, their relationship takes a dramatic turn into uncharted territory.
Amid impossible obstacles, two young people must learn to trust enough to walk the path that God has cleared for them. A path that leads to healing and restoration. A path toward love.

Friday, August 10, 2012

"The Widow Of Saunders Creek" by Tracey bateman

I loved this book! It had me on the "edge of my seat" so to speak! 
  This book is Corrie Saunders journey through pain to God, the ultimate Healer of our hearts! It is a reminder that we as people sometimes get sidetracked in our walk with God, He does not make us "jump through hoops"  to get to Him. He really is just a prayer away! There is no "magic" or "conjuring" involved! And we have to be careful to not fall into that trap.
Thank-you Tracey Bateman for this wonderful book!!! 


A grief that knows no boundary.
A love without any limit.

A need that doesn’t end at death.

Corrie Saunders grew up in a life of privilege. But she gave it all up for Jarrod, her Army husband, a man she knew was a hero when she vowed to spend her life with him. She just didn’t expect her hero to sacrifice his life taking on an Iraqi suicide bomber.

Six months after Jarrod’s death, Corrie retreats to the family home her husband inherited deep in the Missouri Ozarks. She doesn’t know how to live without Jarrod—she doesn’t want to. By moving to Saunders Creek and living in a house beloved by him, she hopes that somehow her Jarrod will come back to her.

Something about the house suggests maybe he has. Corrie begins to wonder if she can feel Jarrod’s presence.

Jarrod’s cousin Eli is helping Corrie with the house’s restoration and he knows that his dead cousin is not what Corrie senses. Eli, as a believing man and at odds with his mystically-oriented family members, thinks friendly visits from beyond are hogwash. But he takes spirits with dark intentions seriously. Can he convince Corrie that letting go of Jarrod will lead to finding her footing again— and to the One she can truly put her faith into?